The Jack’s {Austin area maternity photographer}

Laura and I met at a health & wellness networking group that meets bi-monthly (did you know I also do health coaching?).

What I noticed about her first has to be a tie. She has the best personality that just radiates from all of her being. She’s got a beautiful smile and her eyes just sparkle (though to be fair, she does wear glitter eye liner too ha-ha). But then of course, it was immediately followed by noticing her abundant baby bump. Laura is a grief recovery specialist and the more I listened to her talk, the more I realized I needed to work with her to help me get through some grief I was dealing with at the time.


We spoke briefly after the group finished and we discussed doing a trade: grief sessions for maternity photography. It wasn’t until three days later when I met her sweet husband, Aaron, that I discovered that they were interested in SO much more. I casually mentioned to them that I offer labor & delivery photography, fully expecting to get the typical, “*eye roll* yeahhhh, I don’t think we’ll be doing that”. To my utter surprise and absolute joy, Aaron was ecstatic about this option.


More or less, they were like, “yeah, yeah…. maternity and newborn shots, sure. But labor photography, SOLD!” (more on her birth story on my next post!)


I’ve never been so happily shocked in my entire life. Since 2007 when I started shooting, I have dreamed of shooting a labor. I could not believe it would finally be happening. But honestly folks, that shoot needs it’s own blog post. I could ramble on for days about what an incredible experience that was, so for now, I’m just gonna share with you their S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G maternity photos.


Laura and Aaron, thank you so much for allowing me to document this amazing moment in your lives in your last moments in time as just the two of you. You were the easiest couple to work with and I am ridiculously grateful that we were brought into each others lives.





I’ll be posting about Ayla’s birth as well as sharing from her newborn shoot on the following posts.

If you or anyone you know in the Austin, TX area is expecting, please contact me for rates and availability.

Addie E. {Austin area maternity photographer}

I logged in just now to start writing this blog and WordPress congratulated me on posting 10 blog posts. TEN?! That’s it!? I’ve had this blog for almost five years and I’ve only written about 10 of my shoots? Yikes. Sad.
It was almost a year ago when I posted my pledge to post more. Fail. Welp… may as well start here!

This was only the second maternity shoot that I’ve done since I moved to Austin, but wowzers! Was it a good one!

I met Addie one afternoon when I decided on a whim to go apartment hunting on my way home from work. My lease was up for renewal and while I love my apartment, I just wanted to see what else was out there. I drove into this complex tucked behind 2222 and immediately knew it would be out of my price range, but I wanted to see what they had to offer anyway.

Addie immediately greeted me and it was impossible to not notice her growing baby bump. This girl was all belly! She was stunning. Every time I see a pregnant woman, I think to myself, “Is there a PC way of telling this person I’m a maternity photographer and I’m dying to shoot them?!?!”
– I haven’t found an answer to that question yet, just FYI.

After the tour of the apartment, Addie asked if she could get my email address to keep in touch about the openings they had coming up and I knew that was my time to mention it. I handed her my business card which has my email address on it and mentioned that if she hadn’t had them yet, I’d be happy to take her maternity pictures. Her face *lit up* as she started telling me about how moments before I’d walked in, she was searching mommy blogs for photographer recommendations.

Before I even made it home, a mere 15 minutes later, I had a message waiting for me in my inbox asking about when we could shoot. Success! I’ve mentioned my business and passed out so many business cards at this point, I almost expect to have it go nowhere. I cannot even begin to describe to you the relief I felt when she followed through with booking our shoot.

I actually provided the wardrobe for our shoot, but man did she rock it!!! Knowing exactly what she’d be wearing made it super easy to pick out the perfect location: Bull Creek. And with all the rain Austin had in May and June, I had a feeling the water would be a beautiful compliment to the flowy dresses.


As I shoot, I like to try to get to know my clients, especially ones like her that I haven’t known previously. Come to find out, she went to school at U of A and a one of my high school friends actually knew her. Such a small world.


Holy cow was she a trooper. Eight months pregnant and scaling rocks for me to get to the perfect location.


I also thought it was just the coolest when she told me she used to be a Rockette! The girly-girl that I am (and wanna be dancer) I basically fan girled all over her after that.


Addie, I love you. I am so thankful I randomly decided to go apartment hunting and met you! Thank you for everything!!


If you or anyone you know in the Austin area is expecting, please contact me about booking your maternity shoot. I am now offering maternity + newborn packages too! I have also started offering labor & delivery photography and can share that work privately if you’re interested in seeing it.


Girl, you got this.

Where have I been?
Have I been shooting?

I envy photographers who blog each and every shoot. What a special treat for their clients! What a great way to publicize their work! I know when I’m researching other photographers, if they don’t have an (active) blog, I definitely dismiss them to some degree on their level of professionalism.

I realized the other day what’s been stopping me from posting my work… I’m such a perfectionist that I’m terrified to showcase it. I always feel like it’s not ready or it’s not good enough.

Which is really a funny thought when I look back on my old posts and I see how good my work actually is.

Am I the best photographer in the world? Ha! No. FAR from it. Am I better than some out there? Definitely. Do I still have room to learn and grow? Without a doubt.

What I’m getting at here is this, I want to apologize to you. Whoever YOU may be. You deserve to see what I’ve been shooting, because I owe it to myself to be showcasing it. Abbey, girl, you got this. You are a talented photographer – share it!

I was looking today at some beautiful shoots I did when I was living in Omaha that were never really shared. You’ll hopefully be seeing those.
I’ve done two fantastic shoots since having moved to Austin that will go up soon as well.

I hope you don’t mind seeing some older work, and I hope you’ll continue to support what I’m trying to do by reading this blog and following me on Facebook. Make sure you’re hitting the like button with each post so my page remains active in your Newsfeed! Thank you everyone!!


ING NYC Marathon {runners in action}

Watching the ING NYC Marathon is one of my favorite parts of living in New York City.

The first year I lived here, the route ran only 2 blocks from my Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn apartment. My second year living here, I was lucky enough to be cheering for Cheer New York and had the honor of cheering at the event on the main stage at the finish line.
Last year, I was so looking forward to cheering at the finish line once again and to also cheer on one of my awesome teammates. Though we understood the reasoning, we were all a little disappointed when the NYC Mayor decided to cancel the marathon just days before it was set to start.


Fast forward one year later and the scene could not be any more different. No looming storm, the weather was perfect. No chance The Marathon wouldn’t be happening this year!Image

I just loved the support these women were giving their friend. It was so inspiring to watch them help her reach her goal of completing the race.



As a runner myself, I like to get in a long(ish) run once a weekend and thought it would be fun to take this morning’s run past the route. As I ran down to 126th street and over to Fifth Ave. I made it there just in time to see the elite women and men making their way towards the finish. I only stopped for a few minutes before heading home to clean up and make it back in time to see my friend Katie run. Sadly, I miscalculated her pace, and when I came back to cheer her on, she was already close to finishing.Image

I stayed anyway and shot a bit of this extraordinary event. I get so emotional watching these people run their asses off! I really think that even if I weren’t a runner myself, I would still be quite touched by the scene. Y’all… these people run for TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES!!!!

ImageImageImageEven though I missed seeing her, I want to give a shout out to my friend and running inspiration, Katie for finishing in an amazing four hours, twenty two minutes and four seconds. Katie has seriously been such a part of my running inspiration for the past 2.5 years and I am SO proud of her and so happy that she was able to accomplish such an amazing goal.

ImageImageImageImageThis family was seriously the cutest. I couldn’t help but include the adorable spectators.

ImageImageImageCongrats to everyone that participated in today’s event! You are truly amazing.

All photos are copy-written by Abbey Corbett, 2013. If you know anyone in these pictures, please guide them to my blog. Please ask for permission before downloading any of these photos.

Get Ready for Summer {workout}

Hello blog readers! There might be a blizzard outside in NYC, but it’s never too early to start getting ready for bikini season! A few months back, I teamed up with one of my favorite personal trainers, Dawn to bring you this dynamic workout. This is a great way to start the day with a few fast exercises to get the blood flow and body warmed up for the day ahead.

1. Warm-Up: Band Shoulder warm up
Take the yellow or green band. Step on it with your left foot at the middle of the band. Hold and isolate the handle at your hip, with the left hand grab the left handle. Bend your arm and lift the left arm straight up into the air alongside your ear and lean towards the right for a side bend, exhale. Return your torso to center alignment bend the elbow, releasing the arm down, inhale at center.
10-12 on each arm
1 set


Now to get the heart rate up…
Both of these dynamic exercises will add an element of cardio to a stationary move

1. Squat to shoulder press AKA “Thrusters”:
Stand with your feet slightly hip width apart, parallel. Holding 2 medium weights (8-12.5lbs), drop down into a squat elbows gently touching the top of your thighs, inhale. exhale as you stand straight up and lift weights into shoulder press. Arms should be parallel; biceps near your ears.
Repeat 12-20 times, or do a 1 minute interval without stopping.
2 sets


2. Curtsey lunge into lateral raise:
Hold a light to medium weight (5-8lbs) in your right hand. Take your right foot and cross it behind your left leg. Bend both knees so the right knee tracks behind the left calf and push into the ball of your right foot. From there, press off the right foot and stand parallel with straight legs. Once your legs are planted in a wide parallel position, lift the weight into a single lateral raise to shoulder height.
Repeat 15 times on one side then switch sides
2 sets


Everybody loves tight Obliques… Here are a few of my favorite Obliques exercises.

1. Wide legged oblique crunch:
Lay on your back with your legs straight, heels as wide as the mat. Place your hands behind the back of your head. (*Tip: gently press your tongue to the top of the roof of your mouth to alleviate any neck tension). Make sure your elbows stay wide and out of your peripheral vision. Exhale as you crunch with a twist lifting your right shoulder blade off the mat and right elbow reaches towards left hip, only come half way up. Inhale as you lower your head back down to the mat. Exhale, lift the left shoulder blade off the mat reaching the left elbow towards the right hip. In hale as you lower your head back down to the mat.
Repeat 20-30 times
2 sets


2. Russian Twist:
Place your sits bones on the mat
bending your knees with your toes lightly touching the mat, (more advanced-lift your feet off the ground) Grab a small weight (5-8lbs) hold it out in front of you with straight arms leaning slightly back, but keep neutral alignment to your spine. Engage the abdominals, swiftly move the weight from side to side with straight arms, without moving the legs, keeping the knees together. Inhale center, exhale side to side.
Repeat 20-50 times
2 sets


3. Swinging leg side plank:
Place your forearm down underneath your shoulder, make sure your elbow is stacked below your shoulder. Your palm can be flat or in a fist position. Pressing your body up to side plank, stack your feet. (*Option to put your other hand in front for support, Or on your hip for more of a challenge). Lift your top leg, flexing the foot, swing the top leg forward and then back. Place it into side plank, then lower foot and hip back down into resting position. Count each time you swing your leg forward.
Repeat 10 times each side
switch sides
2 set


Just in case you need some more abdominal work…

1. Reverse crunch with leg extension:
Laying on your back, place your hands by your side. Start with your knees bent, lift the head engaging your abs, exhale as you pull your knees in towards your forehead. Inhale, lower your head, and extend your legs to a 45 degree angle. keeping the abs engaged.
Repeat 20-30 times
2 sets


End this short workout by lying on your back and pull the knees into your chest, cradle the legs and rock gently side to side, releasing any lower back tension or discomfort.
Then turn over onto your belly, place your hands beside your chest and gently press up to an Upward Facing Dog, arching the back and stretch out the abdominal wall.

Great Job! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water all day long.

Courtney & Brayden {maternity photography}

If I was asked to name my favorite style of photography, without a doubt, it would be maternity. There is something about a pregnant woman that is just simply beautiful to me. Unfortunately, I don’t get to shoot them near as much as I would like to. 
That’s why I am so thankful for wonderful friends like Courtney. She and I met in middle school over a decade ago! We’ve stayed in touch thanks to the wonder of Facebook, and she recently moved to the D.C. area. So naturally, when I saw her post that she was on a train headed for NYC I immediately asked if she would be interested in doing a maternity shoot. I was so excited when she eagerly agreed. 
She suggested we meet and start shooting at Bryant Park and my brain immediately went into over drive thinking of different little spots to shoot, including my new favorite spot, the NY Public Library! If you haven’t seen this building, you’re seriously missing out. 
When Courtney and I met up, she was a bundle of nervous energy. It was so cute (and I have to admit, flattering) how nervous she was to shoot with me. As you’ll see in the pictures soon to follow, she had no reason to be nervous. This mama ROCKED this shoot! 
She relaxed quite a bit after seeing the first few frames. 
I love when my clients trust me to do anything I want. Like when I asked Courtney if she would get on a carousel? Without hesitation, her answer was yes. 
Courtney also got her good friend Jenny to tag along (You’ll be seeing her family photos here soon!) who somehow talked her into doing bare belly shots.
It again wasn’t until Courtney saw the first few shots on the back of my camera that she was convinced that she made the right decision. 
And I mean, c’mon! RIGHT?! She’s stunning! 
We got really lucky that day because there was some conference of some sort going on in the library so they had various different parts of the library sectioned off or closed off completely by these gorrrrrgeous curtains. Thank you photography gods!! (psssst! this is my favorite shot!)
Courtney I cannot thank you enough for being so gutsy and courageous and so trusting in every idea that I threw at you. You were a dream to work with. I cannot wait for the arrival of your precious baby Brayden!  

Trash The Dress {Gatti-Dunn}

Amber and I met in 2008 when I started working for her as Cleveland High School’s assistant cheerleading coach. Right off the bat, we clashed a little bit but quickly resolved any issues we had with each other and have remained tight friends ever since. She and Patrick had only been dating a short time when I first met her, but they are a beautiful couple and I just knew as soon as I saw them together that they would end up getting married one day.

That wonderful day came in May of 2011 at a stunning view at Elk Grove Vineyards in Elk Grove, OR. I felt so blessed to be one to witness their union that day.

Amber has always been one of my biggest fans, and a huge supporter. It meant the world to me when she asked if she could come out to New York City so I could photograph her Trash The Dress.

At the start, I wasn’t sure where we would go to shoot, but then I remembered two of my favorite places around the city: 5 Pointz in Long Island City and Coney Island in Brooklyn. I sent my suggestions with some sample photos to Amber and she jumped on board right away.

We were a little worried that it might be too rainy and cold to shoot, but we really lucked out with some great weather. Amber was such a trooper running all over the city in her big white wedding dress.

5PTZ is such a fantastic spot in Long Island City with so many photo opportunities- I couldn’t have asked for a more bad ass location!

Of course, as a cheerleader, we had to do something fun! I can’t tell you how many shots we had to take to get this one with her dress staying up!

This is my favorite shot from 5PTZ. The contrast of Amber against the graffiti is so beautiful.

Amber has some of the greatest eye lashes a girl could ask for!

Grand Central Station is one of my favorite NYC landmarks. It was so fun shooting her in the middle of all this chaos!

Heading out to Coney Island!

This is my favorite shot. The lighting and atmosphere is just beautiful to me. I have so much appreciation for her that she was courageous enough to let me shoot her in a packed subway car. You should have seen the looks we were getting… priceless!

This blue bench actually had a little bit of wet paint on it. It was really fun watching the workers freak out because they were scared it would ruin her dress…. little did they know, that was the whole point!

I just love how her eyes pop in this shot. Since Amber is an optometrist, I know she has a great appreciation for eyes as well ;)

I love that she was so open for any idea I came up with, even if it meant getting waste deep in the Atlantic Ocean!

She was so brave to get into the water, it was NOT warm!

At the end of the shoot, Amber was fine with literally TRASHING her dress!

I had so much fun on this shoot, thank you a million times Amber, for being such a trooper with everything. I hope you love your pictures as much as I do.

I hope you and Patrick are loving married life, I can’t wait to see where your lifelong journey takes you two!








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